Public leaders are people in charge of us. They are the individuals responsible for the administration of a country, state or locality. Whenever there is an occurrence that involves the state or country, our public leaders are expected to reach out to the populace and inform them.

Basically, public leaders keep us informed on the state of the economy amongst other salient matters.

Now, one fact about public leaders that we are not aware of is, they are highly stressed. It is not an easy task to oversee the welfare and security of a large number of people.

Each passing day, public leaders have a lot to attend to that involves the people under their care. Even though, these top-officials have people who are working with them, there is still much workload that they have to face alone.

Hence, as you would expect, public leaders have little time for themselves. They have to make sure that people under their watch are doing great to a good extent, before they turn to themselves. Usually, public leaders might not have time for themselves until the end of their administration.

All these and more are reasons why public leaders get addicted because they find it hard to cater for themselves. Public leaders are greatly stressed and one of the ways they care for themselves is to indulge in substance abuse which later develops into an addiction.

The stress that public leaders go through is also enough to cause a mental health problem. This is why they are always advised to take out time to visit a rehab even though they are mentally okay at that period.

Public leaders should not initiate self-care when it comes to their health. They are needed to be in the best shape so that they can serve the populace well.

A public leader who wants to preserve his or her image without having to get addicted, needs to take his or her health seriously. A regular visit to their healthcare provider would do a lot of good.